ICT based Solid Waste Management System

ICT based Solid Waste Management System: This project aims at transforming Shivamogga into a ‘Zero Waste City’. Zero waste refers to waste management to emphasize waste prevention. The focus is on maximizing waste recycle and reuse, which is a crucial step towards sustainable development.

With a vision to develop the city as a global eco-tourism destination, ensuring clean, hygienic and healthy surrounding becomes imperative. Hence, this project focuses on using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in transforming the waste management system from end-to-end which includes collection, transportation, recycling and disposal.

  1. Monitoring of Collection and Transportation System: The total amount of solid waste generated in Shivamogga per day is around 120 tons. This includes waste generated from households, street sweeping, drainage silt and commercial establishments. The collection of waste from these sources will be monitored using RFID tags and sensors to ensure 100% door to door collection and segregation. CCTV cameras will be used to monitor black spots (spots prone to waste dumping) to prevent illegal dumping. The auto-tippers, tipper-trucks and waste compactors will be fitted with GPS devices for continuous tracking.
  2. Resource Monitoring System:Load sensors will be placed in the vehicles to track the amount of waste collected. Based on this data, reports will be generated which will help in monitoring the efficiency of the system. Similarly, monitoring will be done at various waste recycling centers such as the Compost plant, Bio-methanization plant, Dry waste collection center, Abattoir etc. in order to track the amount of waste that is recycled. The landfill site at Anupinakatte, which is used for disposal will also be closely monitored.
  3. Crowd Sourcing App:A city wide app(mobile/web based) will enable citizens and ward committees to upload concerns and report any violations such as missed collection points, illegal dumping etc.This will help the concerned authorities to take action and maintain cleanliness in the city.
  4. Bio-metric Attendance: All those employed in the city’s solid waste management such as the Govt. employees and the Pourakarmikas, sweepers, loaders, drivers etc. will be enrolled in a bio-metric system which will help in monitoring their attendance and map their availability accordingly.
  5. MSW Monitoring Cell: The command control center will have 24/7 operations monitoring with data integration platform, that integrates field operations data, transportation and asset management systems, citizen reporting to provide complete situational awareness, performance management and incident management. Real-time information regarding collection, transportation, treatment and disposal will be continuously available at the command control center for monitoring.