Integrated Traffic & Transportation System

Integrated Traffic & Transportation System: This project details about smart mobility in the city of Shivamogga realized through the means of integrated traffic and public transport management system.

  1. Intelligent Public Transport System: The public transportation facilities in the city comprise of Government owned city buses, privately owned city buses and auto rickshaws. This project foresees tracking and monitoring the city buses with a scope to seamlessly on-board any other vehicles in the future, on need basis.
  2. Variable Messaging Signboard (VMS) forms an integral part of the Public Information System (PIS) in the project, where the buses/bus-stops are planned to be equipped with devices to display the bus arrivals and departures. Integrated with the “City Wide App” this project aims at facilitating robust and intelligent transport facilities in the city.
  3. Smart Parking System: Smart car parking systems assists in optimized utilization of parking space and reduced traffic congestion. The city of Shivamogga has a number of conservancies out of which, 2 conservancies are presently used for vehicle parking and the city aims at including another 8 conservancies for parking. These conservancies will be equipped with RFID readers at the entry and the exit level to monitor the slot vacancies for parking. Additionally, Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) system will also be developed to monitor the availability of slots for parking.
  4. Intelligent Traffic Management System: The city comprises of 6 signaled junctions and 90 surveillance cameras monitored by the City Police. Additional junctions and places will be identified for set up of surveillance cameras towards traffic monitoring. The Traffic Management System also features number plate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, speed detection, red light violations.
  5. Integrated Ticketing: The commuters face the hassle of purchasing tickets at multiples counters. Integrated ticketing system facilitates single ticketing for various modes of transport and other ticketing systems like bus tickets, parking system etc.