Intelligent LED Street Lighting and Surveillance

Intelligent LED Street Lighting and Surveillance: This project details about the adoption of smart street lighting provide a new network to support a wide range of smart city applications, like traffic monitoring, smart parking assistance, waste management, enhanced public safety through city wide surveillance system towards disaster prevention and awareness.

  1. Automatic Street Lights with Alert System: The city of Shivamogga has 18,732 street lights of which 60% tube lights, 23% sodium lights, 10% LED lights, 7.5% of other lights. These street lights are manually operated at present. Intelligent LED street lighting will facilitate better visibility to the commuters especially the pedestrian and cyclists further ensuring safety against accidents.
  2. Smart Pole: The existing 1,765 LED Street lights will be enhanced as automatic control and monitoring system. Furthermore, the existing street poles will be converted into smart poles for installation of surveillance cameras.
  3. Surveillance: Shivamaogga city has CCTV surveillance at 8 junctions. The surveillance system incorporated at the smart poles will monitor the crowd movement and enable early response in case of emergencies. Surveillance will help in tracking crimes especially against women & children, monitoring sensitive areas to prevent any unforeseen and unwanted incidents, traffic management, to also monitor the timely clearance of the waste.