Solar Roof-Topping

Solar Roof-Topping:Various Govt. buildings /institutions have been taken up in Shivamogga smart city project for installation of Solar Photovoltaic cells on their roof tops for generation and promotion of Renewable energy sources.

Nehru stadium, located in the heart of the city, hosts many indoor and outdoor games. The stadium will also have a new look and feel by the installation of suitable roof top solar system with proper roof slabs in the viewer’s galleries and in the existing building.

Apart from the above, Solar panel installation is also planned in Tunga High level canal for about 10Km in length for generation of Green Energy.  It is the vision of Shivamogga smart city corporation to be able to fulfill about 10% of the city’s power demand using Renewable Energy sources, and help namma Shivamogga ‘Go-Green’.