Tunga Riverfront Development

Tunga Riverfront Development: River Tunga is the main perennial river source for potable water and is the soul of the city. The land stretch along both the sides of the river is 275 acres. The availability of such vast riverside land has triggered the proposals for Tunga riverfront development economically and ecologically.

As a distinctive waterfront, Tunga riverfront project is being developed as having state-of-the-art infrastructures, hotels & hospitality along with Eco-tourism & recreation areas, heritage & cultural hub and knowledge & training hub. The integrated development will also encompass sound and light show and revival of the defunct sandal wood factory. A bio-diversity park along with a public promenade and tourist information plaza will also form part of the development of the Tunga riverfront. This project will act as a catalyst for development of tourism economy and is aimed to boost the tourism activities in Shivamogga. The service sector due to tourism also caters to unemployment issues by providing direct and in-direct employment opportunities.

The River Tunga and the irrigation canals passing through the city and lakes are subjected to direct discharge of sewage and solid waste. 90% of the waste water is discharged into the river. This causes water pollution and environmental damage to the River ecosystem. The project also aims to recycle the waste water and reuse of treated waste water to landscape the river front development & River rejuvenation.